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TheTripleTwister I added the ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Once I added the Palmer Products screen adjuster to my 2009 Tiger 1050, it was pretty much the perfect bike. I commuted and toured Europe on it. Great review.</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>Triumf Ant</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Is it good for ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Is it good for everyday use and trips to the grocery store?</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>Adrian Rubi</span><span class='dateComment'>12/06/2015</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Nice looking bike. ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Nice looking bike. When I first saw it I said finally great a 800cc bike from Triumph that looks great, and then the news sunk in it's a 1050cc bike, not what I was hoping for. Why can't they make a 675cc, or a 800cc bike that looks like this one ??? With no bug eyes like the TST-675, or the new Tiger witch is an improvement in the looks department for sure, in many other ways as well, so I was willing to buy one if it was what I thought, well thats just not going to happen now, seeing it's a 1050 class bike, just too big of motor & too much unneeded weight for me, but if a 675cc & 800cc bike looked this smart, i would be in a dealership ASAP, especially if the adjustable suspension had the same features of long travel, and comp & rebound adjustments. Triumph should build this bike and watch them flock to it, as I know there are more people like me. lol Note # Started to insert birds where people is, just not sure what that means in the UK ect.. Had the feeling it has a negative connotation to it..? I am usually right BTW, at least about the bike !</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>ylism</span><span class='dateComment'>22/07/2015</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Pretty good solid ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Pretty good solid review sir, I think you covered it very well.</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>The Gentleman Biker</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>I'm well late to ...</div><div class='content_comment'>I'm well late to the party here, but I think the Tiger 'Lite' is my current dream bike. Love the look, love the idea of a triple, don't need the features and the bigger engine of the XC. Your review just makes me want one more! Great job! </div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>Andy Man Cam</span><span class='dateComment'>13/12/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>What are your ...</div><div class='content_comment'>What are your thoughts comparing the Tiger to your ST? I have a 2003 ST that I've done 750+ mile days on. It's great in the twisties with the luggage off. Does the Tiger excel at either/both of these compared to your ST?</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>MrStrizver</span><span class='dateComment'>25/04/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Rubbish mirrors, ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Rubbish mirrors, build quality not up to the usual Triumph standard. Appears to be built to a price. A winter of discontent, My previous SE, 20,000 miles in two and a half years, was in better condition than my 'new' sport after only one winter. Seat needs modifying.</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>John Millar</span><span class='dateComment'>04/03/2015</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Another honest ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Another honest review.</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>wyvernbiker</span><span class='dateComment'>10/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>damn i love this ...</div><div class='content_comment'>damn i love this bike,wish i had the money to buy it..</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>Albi Losha</span><span class='dateComment'>24/10/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Great review mate, ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Great review mate, looking forward to riding it next Saturday even more now. I'm one of those weird people that like the weird hybrid upright+road only+adventure bike category ;-)</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>philjonesuk</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>This might be what ...</div><div class='content_comment'>This might be what im looking for, not sure why im looking yet as im not upgrading to a new bike till mid 2015 but a nice cross of a sport and adventure seems great, At the moment im riding a CF Moto Leader and its a great little bike, great power on my low range but lacking much for highway riding. I do like the semi naked look to this bike and don't mind the more empty left side of this bike, I would though upgrade the exhaust on it, give it some more character on the road and a nicer rev bomb when needed. That's one thing my 150 can do... a mean rev bomb. Good review though and gives me some good idea's where to look when I do upgrade.</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>burns0100</span><span class='dateComment'>28/08/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'><content type='text'/><link rel='related' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><link rel='alternate' type='text/html' href=''/><link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/><author><name>Boycie Swindon</name><uri></uri></author><yt:channelId>UC4fQ1P8ZkPSLUuFQYDYrsPw</yt:channelId><yt:googlePlusUserId>111998967573594838060</yt:googlePlusUserId><yt:replyCount>0</yt:replyCount><yt:videoid>hbF263vCILE</yt:videoid></entry><entry><id></id><published>2014-05-04T23:57:43.000Z</published><updated>2014-05-04T23:57:43.000Z</updated><category scheme='' term=''/><title type='text'>I have owned the SE ...</div><div class='content_comment'>I have owned the SE for four years and ridden a few Sports, and I think you have got this review bang on. Strangely I prefer the look of the projector headlights on the SE, but the Sport ones actually work much better. Not bothered about having a SSSA, but that's a personal thing - most folk prefer them I think...</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>The Northern Vlogger</span><span class='dateComment'>16/05/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>If it wasn't for ...</div><div class='content_comment'>If it wasn't for the ugly front, - kind of japanese - it would be the perfect motorbike</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>Pedro Grangeio</span><span class='dateComment'>10/09/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Do you know why the ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Do you know why the Sport is heavier than the older model? I reckon it has something to do with the single-sided swingarm :P</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>HamSpamJamLamb</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>I like the look of ...</div><div class='content_comment'>I like the look of it,it's a do it all bike.A good all rounder !</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>ninjanelly350</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>I used all of my ...</div><div class='content_comment'>I used all of my ninja abilities to sneak past you during the walk around :D </div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>Its not a GSXR</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>great review an ...</div><div class='content_comment'>great review an answered several questions I had thanks</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>Mrbadger Martin</span><span class='dateComment'>16/05/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>If anyone knows ...</div><div class='content_comment'>If anyone knows Tigers it's you so I will take your word on it. Very good review, very well researched and full of educated opinions.</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>Darth Peachy</span><span class='dateComment'>10/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Excellent review my ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Excellent review my boy... picking one up on tuesday and had not really looked into it.. Stupid maybe.. Had a print.. loved it... but cramped for me.. getting older.. I wanted a more upright sprint and this seemed to be it.. You review is fab and I am excited to be getting one... what camera did you shoot this with???</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>blokeinlondon</span><span class='dateComment'>09/05/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Interesting about ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Interesting about the handling, I went out on my first triumph yesterday (Street Triple R) and the thing that sticks in my head is the handling, they beg to be lent over do they not? :) RSMF-RI Mr B</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>Mr & Mrs B's Brain Dump</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>nice reviews you´ve ...</div><div class='content_comment'>nice reviews you´ve been doing lately, enjoying them immensely :) cheers mate :) glad to see you guys in old blighty are having good weather as well :) </div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>castrejo67</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>I couldn't make my ...</div><div class='content_comment'>I couldn't make my mind up about the styling when they first launched these a couple of years ago, but the newer ones look great imo. Also sounds like it's filling the same kind of gap as the Ducati Multistrada (but cheaper I'd imagine!) Good review :)</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>JotunMoto</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div><div class='item_comment'><div class='title_comment'>Jesus.. what a ...</div><div class='content_comment'>Jesus.. what a fugly bike O.O Those shiny silver bolts on black engine casing look like a mess or chavvy Halfords downgrade.</div><div class='info_comment'><span class='authorComment'>mJZ</span><span class='dateComment'>09/03/2014</span></div></div></div></div></div></div><br/><br/><br/></div> </div> </div><div class='seomachine ui-helper-clearfix'> <div class="sfondobox"> <div class="box">Suggerimenti</div> <div class="contenitore" > <div class='voci'><a href='/' class='testo_rosso_sx analytics' alt='' title=''></a></div><div class='voci'><a href='' class='testo_rosso_sx analytics' alt='elettrauto forniture a napoli' title='elettrauto forniture a napoli'>elettrauto forniture a napoli Napoli</a></div><div class='voci'><a href='' 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