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still looking for ...
still looking for the part where he changes the oil or even TALKS about it.....
whats the point in ...
whats the point in a tutorial on how to change the spark plug if you are not actualy going to show how to do it pointless vid woudnt bother watching it
Sean Turner08/03/2014
You don't need to ...
You don't need to use the clamp on the fuel hose if youre fueltap is working properly. That aluminium thing underneath the tank is a fueltap, its operated by vacuum caused by the running engine if the engine is off the tap will close and only the hose it self will drain. Just a tip ;)
I'm using my ...
I'm using my smartphone and my screen isn't big enough to read the logo
@ 0:09
@ 0:09
Is that an ...
Is that an agility50?